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My name is Alice; I’m a perennial daydreamer who grew up along the golden coast. Alice in Muse is a place I carved out for my musings to live. Here you will find my daily sartorial choices, daily sketches, stream-of-consciousness reflections, and more.

I had a wake-up call not too long ago when I realized I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to. I was spending much of it on autopilot, surrounding myself by people I didn’t care for and situations I didn’t want to be in. As a result, I was completely drained and unhappy, with no clue how to get myself out.

Come 2020, a pandemic puts life on pause for many of us. With no social obligations for the first time in years, I had the opportunity to sit down and take things slow. As one month stretched into six, I spent a lot of time re-evaluating what I wanted for my life.

My greatest joy from when I was young was the act of creating, whether it was writing stories, painting little animals on rocks, or stringing together jewelry. Now with many facets of life abruptly on hold, I started bringing creativity back into my life. I picked up a paintbrush, thumbed through pages of a novel, and wrote countless journal entries. These small acts brought me unadulterated joy that I hadn’t felt in a LONG time. As a result, I started to take back control of my life by creating a life that I actually wanted.

Alice in Muse is my ever-evolving mood board, a place for me to weave my story through different mediums and document my creative journey. It’s an act that has brought so much life back into me. I’m extremely honored you chose to spend some time with me today and hope this visit today can bring you some inspiration to start creating again as well.


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