Imaginary Night Out

This is the outfit I imagine I would’ve worn during my wintery night outings. Except those have been non-existent so far this year. This ensemble probably won’t see the light of day (or rather, dark of night) till maybe the end of 2021, if I’m lucky.

I was drawn to this sweater due to a twist on an old classic: the v-neck collegiate knit sweater. The cropped length kept it from feeling too preppy, while the sleeves’ sudden tapering brought a nice contrast to the otherwise roomy top. I also love the single stripe detailing near the wrists, which ties back to the bolder one on the décolletage region. This top also looks perfect worn on one shoulder or both.

My solution to wearing this outfit at home or in more casual settings is wearing a black top underneath the sweater and pairing it with a pair of high-waisted black jeans. That way, the black top is streamlined into the jeans, making the sweater the star of the show while keeping your midriff covered.

I’ve tried many pairs of leather (or rather, pleather) pants over the years, and these have got to be my favorite by far. The high waist gives an illusion of a more hourglass figure. The added zipper placements make the whole vibe even edgier without being overdone.

In a way, the collegiate sweater and leather pants are almost like opposites that you wouldn’t find together in a school hallway — preppy vs. edgy. But I think this combo worked so well together due to the sweater’s cropped length, making it more playful.

Hope you guys enjoyed this outfit! I cannot wait for when I can actually pull this out for a real night out in the future.

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