Hello, I’m back with the first style post of 2021!

After dropping off several large bags of clothes at GoodWill last December, I declared that for 2021, I was going on a no-buy for clothing (along with skincare and makeup). So far, I haven’t had the slightest urge to look at or purchase anything. I think the whole process of Kon-Mari’ing all my possessions had scarred me a little bit. Everything that was sitting there, gathering dust in my room, was essentially money wasted. And I’ve wasted a lot of money, haha.

I’ve learned that for me, the spending category that brings me the least amount of joy in the long-term is clothing. No matter how much clothing I had, I still gravitated towards the same silhouettes and colors. And at a certain point, it’s ridiculous to have so many variations of the same exact thing, haha.

Aside from the financial aspect, I also care about the environmental impact. I have long stopped shopping at fast-fashion labels and gravitated towards thrifting in the past couple of years. In fact, this entire outfit is thrifted! Of course, thrifting doesn’t come without some downsides, but overall, I think it’s a better choice if it’s one you’re able to make.

Sweaters make up a significant portion of my wardrobe; I could probably wear a different sweater every day for a month before going through them all. I think this is because one of my favorite silhouettes for the colder months is a loose, oversized top paired with form-fitting bottoms. The comfort of being swathed in a large sweater is similar to being wrapped up in a blanket, and who doesn’t love that?

The turtleneck also adds a layer of warmth as I go on my daily walks, which negates needing a scarf. I also like how the turtleneck elevates my outfit a little more than my basic crew neck sweaters while still having the same comfort. I chose to pair the sweater with a white long sleeve underneath to create contrast and lighten the outfit’s overall vibe. I also think it’d look super cute with a striped top underneath as well!

For the first half of the pandemic, I rotated between 3-5 outfits because there didn’t seem to be a point. I wasn’t feeling inspired enough to dig through all my clothing to try to put something different together. However, after getting rid of about half of my closet and seeing only the clothes I loved, I’ve felt inspired to be more thoughtful about what I’m wearing these days. There is also way less decision fatigue when you’re only surrounded by pieces you love — a prime example of how less really can be more.

Finding more joy in what I’m wearing these days makes me feel a little more put together, despite what’s going on around us. If you haven’t done a wardrobe purge in a while, I would highly recommend it! It’s given a new light to the pieces that made the cull and made me more appreciative as well.


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