Peaches and Limes

The past two weeks had picked up quite a bit for work, which meant I worked late into the evenings. I actually did not mind it too much, since I was excited about the new project I was working on. However, it did mean that by the time I was done with work, I only had about 30 minutes left before going to bed. I used that time to rewind and read instead.

This was the last piece I did before work got busy. I still need to force myself to wait and let the paint dry so I don’t ruin my layers. Usually during this time, I’ll sketch out another piece or go journal. Maybe eventually, I won’t need to be so conscious about waiting. It’s such a weird urge to fight off, because I know exactly what will happen (muddy colors and bleeding edges with little chance of salvation) yet I’m still tempted to do it, haha. Then again, patience has never been my strong suit, in art or in life.

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