2021 Blogging Goals

Can you believe the longest year of our lives is finally coming to an end? While misfortunes and woes will not magically disappear at the stroke of midnight on the 31st, the end of the year often brings upon a mental refresh to many of us. And speaking of refreshes, this blog has a mini one coming up.

While I only started working on this blog last June, it was an idea kept warm in the back of my mind for many years. It only took a lockdown, sudden ample time on my hands, and a handful of courage to bring this idea to life. 

One of the things that held me back from starting Alice in Muse was that I had no idea what to focus on. Most blogs were centered around a niche. The problem is, most of the topics I’m interested in have very little correlation to one another. Yet the very idea of choosing only one topic to write about made my heart sad, haha. So against what every “How to Start Your Blog” article had advised, I decided to go ahead with five categories that played huge roles in my personal life: style, traveling, electronic music, art, and writing about the miscellaneous thoughts inside my head. 

Despite my blog not having a clear direction in 2020, I’m glad I went ahead with that decision. I’m proud of many of the posts I’d written, and it also made me realize which topics were the most fun for me to blog about. After the initial exploration, my blogging goal for 2021 is to narrow down my categories to personal style, art, and musings.

Personal Style

2020: the year of wearing the same three outfits with slight variations dictated by the season. I realized I was not utilizing about 80% of my closet and felt compelled to do a significant KonMari cleanout a few weeks ago. Now, I am left with only the things I love, which is still more than enough for me to choose from. For next year, I want to challenge myself with re-styling my old outfits in different ways. This way, I can save my hard-earned coins for more gratifying experiences and also reduce my carbon footprint. 


For art, this will stay the same as before. My only goal is to post more of my work in 2021. I’m so protective and critical of my work, it’s hard to let it go out into the world, haha. I keep telling myself I need to work on my technical skills for at least another year before I’m ‘ready’ to show the world. But it’s really just an excuse because I could probably keep pushing it off, year after year. So for 2021, I want to let go of that crippling fear. 


There was something really cathartic about letting my thoughts out into the digital wild known as the internet. Maybe I’d feel a bit differently if I had a more extensive following reading my thoughts, haha. But the other reason I write is on the off-chance that someone else can relate to what I’m feeling and maybe feel less alone. We all have stories within us that bridge us to one another. And being able to connect on a deeper level means letting go of the fear of being vulnerable.

One of my goals for 2021 is to reach out and connect with a few content creators that I admire from afar. While I’ve always been more of a silent lurker, this year has made me realize that despite how much of an introvert I am, how pertinent human connection is. To be honest, I’ve been feeling like something is missing from my real-life community for some time now. With the digital world literally a few swipes away, why not give that a shot? I get to work on opening up and connecting with other people with the same interests all at once, haha. Anyways, we’ll see how that goes. I can already feel half of my psyche getting overwhelmed by this idea, haha.

While these three topics still don’t have much relation to one another, I’ll see where 2021 takes me with blogging. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up finally choosing that singular niche to write about, haha.

That’s all for now. Happy holidays!


  1. Stuart Danker

    It’s always great fun to just go with the flow and see what niche your blog slowly moulds itself into. You look like you have a great selection of topics, and you have a beautiful website here, so I can foresee 2021 being a great blogging year for you. Have fun!

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