Rave with me

I first heard this song while I was listening toFabric Presents: Amelie Lens. ‘Rave with Me’ was one of the songs I kept going back to so naturally, I started going down a rabbit hole with finding out more about Nur Jaber.

A staple at Berghain and also a resident of ://about blank’s STAUB parties, Nur Jaber definitely has a solid presence in the world of techno. 

Born in Lebanon in the capitol of Beirut, Nur Jaber started out with a classical background that later transitioned to playing drums and bass guitar, to DJing house music, before landing in what she’s best known for: heavy techno. 

Her upbringing in Beirut was where she was first exposed to the dance music scene but also where she was in a constant mindset of survival mode. It wasn’t until she got out on her own and eventually made her way to Berlin that she realized how much she had unconsciously bottled up from living in a country that was on the brink of destruction. Techno helped her find a freedom that didn’t exist before, and helped release some of that bottled up trauma. From there, she began pouring her own feelings and experiences into her music, most notably seen in Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Nur also uses her own vocals in some of her songs, wanting the 

looping of strong, influential words to help the unconscious awaken

On top of DJing and producing, Nur Jaber also runs her own label, OSF, which stands for “On S’en Fout” which roughly translates to “We moved beyond caring”. It’s a reminder that no matter what is going on back in her home country, that it can’t stop her from following her dreams. 

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