Pinstripes in Vegas

I didn’t realize I had quite an affinity for pinstripes until I saw my backlog of fashion photos, haha. It’s funny how your unconscious can be drawn to the same things over and over again before you make the connection.

Every time I wear this jumpsuit, I’m reminded of Las Vegas, because that was the first place I had worn this outfit. And is there even such thing as an uneventful Vegas trip? That particular memory feels so far away, even though it had only been a year and a half ago. It had been my first time back in Vegas in three years, for a last-minute EDC trip. And even though I was only there for two nights, I left with enough stories to relive for the rest of the year.

This is one of my go-to outfits if I have no idea what to wear. Since it’s a jumpsuit, it negates having to figure out what top and bottom to pair together. I love how the culotte-style pants make it look like a dress from a distance. The flowy material made it move beautifully as well. And as an added bonus, the elastic band and sash hide a Vegas buffet baby quite elegantly. Also, can we talk about this beautiful color palette of navy, cream, orange, and burgundy? It just works so well together.

I took this photo way back in early October (we had an unusually warm fall). Obviously, I haven’t worn it since then, haha. This was yet another post I had been meaning to get around to writing up… and here we are, in December. While I love fall and winter outfits more, seeing these photos makes me a little nostalgic for the warmer weather. Until next time, and hopefully, that next time will be in Vegas.

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