Thirty Before 30

Initially, I wasn’t going to bother creating this bucket list because the remainder of this year and much of next year are pretty much canceled for many people, including myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if I spent another birthday alone. I’d rather be overly cautious than risk it for something as trivial and self-centered as my birthday. However, I did realize I was only boxing myself in if I believed that there was nothing I could accomplish during a pandemic. If anything, having restraints will make tackling this list a little more reasonable than in previous years. So here it goes:

  1. Donate more of my time and money. Researching and advocating for organizations I believe in. And continue doing so; I don’t want to be one of those people who make it a one-time thing out of guilt and then forget about it when my life goes back to normal.
  2. Complete an oil painting, even if it’s the shittiest piece of shit I’ve ever created in my shitty existence, haha.
  3. Read 30 books (I’ve finished 17 so far since my last birthday sooo I might try to up this to 50?)
  4. Have at least one plant-based meal 3x a week. Hoping to go at least one plant meal a day, but we’ll start small and see how it goes.
  5. Hit all my major savings goals (I hit a major goal in August, but I want to keep the momentum going since this will probably be the easiest time in my life for me to save)
  6. Move to a new city (very dependent on COVID, as this was initially supposed to happen in early May of this year)
  7. Have visible obliques that don’t completely disappear when I eat (or drink water lol. This is more dependent on diet and genetics than anything else welp) 
  8. Incorporate meditation into my daily routine 3x a week
  9. Do more to help around the house without being asked to/ be more self-aware of other people’s needs, even if they aren’t saying anything.
  10. Stop saying ‘yes’ to people or situations that don’t suit my needs or sanity, regardless if they’re friends or family. And stop feeling bad for saying ‘no.’ I want to feel good about my no’s lol
  11. Go to New Zealand and get my birthday tattoos, haha. However, it’s probably going to be a very delayed birthday gift. Hopefully, it’ll happen sometime while I’m 30? 
  12. Make it to the one year mark for blogging! 
  13. Make one online friend.
  14. Join a community where I know absolutely nobody
  15. Explore the trails around my home more. This may be the last year I get to do this.
  16. Learn to dance (this one’s so scary for me for some reason!! haha)
  17. Find some sort of volunteer work I can do that’s contactless.
  18. Incorporate more HIIT and weight-lifting into my workouts
  19. Frame one of my many art prints (after 5 years of owning it, haha)
  20. Complete three more 30-day art projects (1 down, 1 in progress)
  21. Learn to cook something new at least once a week
  22. Less social media/mindless scrolling. I’ve deleted IG and Messenger so far, and it’s been amazing. 
  23. It would be nice to go somewhere new, like a state park or even another state, but we’ll see
  24. Develop some film photography
  25. Fill up my Giant Sketchbook (the one that’s all over Youtube)
  26. Go to therapy again.
  27. Set up an online shop, hopefully selling my artwork?
  28. Create one vlog, even if I don’t upload it or share it anywhere
  29. Cull my circle so I can focus more of my time and energy on people I actually care about 
  30. Love myself as much as I have loved others

I will review this sometime next June and see what I’ve accomplished…

Wish me luck!


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