Blue Lady

I really loved how this turned out. I wasn’t expecting much from this painting, to be honest. I have been trying to teach myself how to watercolor, and most of the time, I end up with failed experiments that will never see the light of day.

But there was something about how the colors came together that made this quite lovely to me. This painting also makes me want to dye my hair using this color palette as inspiration, haha. I lowkey also want to stamp stars on my face and essentially bring this painting to real life. I forget how much art can influence fashion and vice versa.

For this painting, I drew inspiration from comics — the exaggerated facial features and emotions seeping out from the close-up of the eyes. I went crazy with the white gel pen, highlighting and accentuating wherever I can. I was definitely lost in flow as I was doing this.

What started as a quick experiment ended up igniting more inspiration. I plan on doing more paintings with this color story and theme. Stay tuned.

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