Blogmas 2020

#Blogmas or #Vlogmas is a tradition that’s been around for nearly a decade now. A quick Google search told me that it started with Ingrid Nilsen all the way back on December 1st, 2011. For those not familiar, Blogmas or Vlogmas is where a user posts a blog post or vlog every day from the beginning of December to Christmas. 

“Blogmas or Vlogmas can be described as an Advent Calendar of the blogging or vlogging world.” – A Brewed Awakening

As the name suggests, topics are likely to be inspired by the upcoming holidays. However, it is not a requirement to talk about such things. Personally, I have never been super into Christmas other than putting up the tree and occasionally spending a weekend in a snowy cabin. Fun fact: I had only tried eggnog for the first time last year, and honestly, it was only bearable spiked, haha. 

Given the state of affairs, I’ve been stalling on putting up the Christmas tree this year. My part of California will be under stay-at-home orders starting from December 7th till January 4th. It won’t change too much of my daily life, but I am sad that I will no longer be able to go out on hikes, which has been a wonderful respite to the on-going monotony. On the plus side, given the slow pace of life, it’ll make it possible for me to even attempt at keeping up with blogmas. 

I still believe in slow blogging — but my goal is to push out content that I’ve had saved up for months and also write every day, even if it doesn’t make it to the public right away.  

So here goes~

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