Summer’s gone

“…but you can be my winter loving.”

If it looks like I had taken these photos in the summer or late fall, you are 100% correct. I took a break from blogging these past two months and uploaded whatever I had in my backlog. And while I was still brainstorming content and shooting photos on the side, I just hadn’t gotten around to writing the posts.

I was torn on whether I should post an outfit that feels especially irrelevant as we enter the beginnings of December, enveloped in two throw blankets and the warmth of spiked hot cocoa. Or to save it as a post for next summer and pretend I had taken the photos then. But honestly… who cares haha. I like the photos, and even though I am two months behind on posting, I am content with it existing in the realm of nearly December. 

This is the only matching set that I own, I found it too cute to pass up and have already matched them as separates with other outfits. For some reason, the black pinstripes on ivory reminds me of summer boat parties, even though I’ve never been cool enough to get invited to one, haha. But one can dream!

The top and bottom are made of linen, which seems to be the go-to material during the summer. I’m on the fence about it — it’s slightly scratchy and wrinkles easily, but I do like how there’s more weight to it. Maybe if I wasn’t so lazy to iron, I’d have more linen garments in my closet. For now, though, I’ll continue holding onto this set and dreaming of wearing it to Holy Ship! in the future.

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