the Audrey Leighton Wrap Dress

I have been following Audrey Leighton Rogers for several years now, after my very stylish friend introduced me to her. Strangely enough, what drew me to Audrey right off the bat wasn’t even her style — it was her way with words. She had written a blog post detailing her thoughts on the fear of turning 30 a few years back. It felt like I was reading a diary entry that belonged to an old friend. Her words were genuine and vulnerable and it struck a chord with me: thoughts and feelings I too had felt but had trouble putting into comprehensible phrases.

Once I was done reading her post, I took a look at her instagram and was then blown away by her sartorial choices, showcased by her signature cinematic photography. This woman really does it all! But she’s also very real about it too — she’s very open about all the times she’s wanted to cry and give up. She’s mentioned many times that running her own business is far from glamorous — though oh so rewarding, despite whatever outside complications may come her way. I’ve rarely seen this sort of candor from influencers, whose jobs are to sell us their highlight reel as a lifestyle. While I have unfollowed many influencers over the years, it is because of this vulnerability that I have stayed with Audrey.

The dress I am wearing is one that Audrey designed — she has several versions of it for different seasons. I had been eyeing them for quite a while but it was when she released this summer version, that I finally took the plunge.

I waited two months for this dress to arrive all the from Spain, anxiously checking my tracking link a few times a week. When it finally arrived in my arms, it was just about everything I had hoped for.

I loved how elegant and put together I felt while wearing it. It was comfortable too, hugging the right places without being too constricting. You can tie the wrap part of the dress however loose or tight you wanted, a detail I will never fail to appreciate.

I’m wearing the size S-M. Personally, I feel that it fits closer to a S though because of the stretchiness of the fabric and the adjustable wrap, I can see it being able to accommodate more body types than the average dress can.

I’m honestly even more keen on purchasing the winter version of this dress now too but I’m also excited to see what other new designs Audrey will release in the future. She has often talked about knowing the story behind the brand you’re wearing — it truly feels like I have a piece of her story in my closet now.

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