Brennen Grey – Through the Lens

[[Note: post written in January 2020, before any COVID restrictions]]

The first time I heard a mix of this song was probably ATB’s at Dreamstate, several years back. The vocals were catchy and haunting and hard to forget. Little did I know that this song has a lot of history that goes way back.

It was originally recorded as a cappella in 1983 and became an international hit in 1992 via Opus III. Since then, there have been many covers and variations on it. What I did not expect was a techno remix of it by none other than Brennen Grey. 

I was out last weekend, lamenting to my friend about how there were zero techno events going on, and how we have to travel at least an hour away if there happened to be any. Our only best solution was to drink in the car and listen to techno, as we did not feel like paying $50 for a shitty club venue event that was going on nearby. My friend chose Adam Beyer’s Awakenings set from 2017 and about half an hour into the set, “It’s a Fine Day” started playing. 

I can easily say that Brennen Grey’s version is my favorite. I just wish he had it on Spotify but luckily, he had provided a free download on SoundCloud (provided in the description of the SoundCloud link I have above). 

Brb gonna keep playing this on repeat.

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