Summer ‘Fit

Now that it’s September, I can officially present to you my most worn outfit of summer 2020. Having worked from home since the beginning of March means my choices have doubled in terms of what I can wear from the waist down. Shorts have been in constant rotation, especially during this last month, and they will be sorely missed when I eventually return back to an office setting.

Can you believe I’ve had this top for six years now? I found it for $10 in a random clothing store that has since closed down. Surprisingly, it’s held up rather well, despite my rather nonchalance way of looking after my clothing. I still think it looks as good as the day when I first got it.

I find this type of halter silhouette with a higher neck to be so flattering on everyone. It makes it so easy to dress up or down, which is why I still reach for it often when I don’t know what to wear during the summers. I’m lowkey thinking of having someone make this exact top for me but in different colors and materials.

Now onto the shorts. In contrast to the long history I have with my top, these shorts are a much newer purchase, though they’ve made multiple appearances this summer. When it comes to patterns, I generally stick with smaller, unassuming patterns ( like this star-patterned romper, worn here), which is what gravitated me towards these shorts.

I was also drawn to the flared hemline, which adds a flirty and fun touch to the overall silhouette. It also came with a belt in the same fabric and pattern so you can tie a bow around the waist. The best part was the stretchy waistband, which is a lot more forgiving on food babies than the rigidity of denim or shorts that need to be zipped up at the waist.

This was an extremely fun and comfortable outfit to wear, I can already see myself wearing this for many future summers.

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