County Fair Nostalgia

One of the best ways to pull myself out of the endless monotony of sheltering-in-place is to throw on a fun outfit—the kind I would wear if I were going to a county fair. Which is exactly where I was at the last time I wore this romper.

Take me back to the days I got to scarf down funnel cakes, pet all the cute farm animals, and go on endless rides long after the sun has set. These days, there aren’t as many moments that make me feel like a kid again. But there is something about the pastel colors, blinking lights, tempting aromas, and nostalgia of fair games that haven’t changed since their very inception that gives me the same unadulterated joy a 10-year-old would have.

Sadly with the ban of large gatherings (county fairs included), it’s much too easy these days to pull on my no-brainer uniform of waist-banded pants and oversized T’s. I have fallen deeper into another level of comfort I did not know was possible pre-COVID. However, after wearing my trusty comfortcore outfit for the fifth day in a row, I decided this was enough. My days were starting to blend together, and I needed to shake things up.

If I couldn’t attend a fair this year, I could at least bring some of that feeling back within the confines of my backyard.

Anyways, how fun is this romper? I remember how delighted I was when I first realized the small polka dots were actually a constellation of STARS. On top of that, the subtle folds of fabric along the chest make it easy to go sans bra in the summer. Win!

The bright yellow color of this knitted cardigan also never fails to make me happy. The oversized fit and balloon sleeves make it one of my favorite pièce de résistance to reach for when I want to spice up a monochromatic outfit.

I threw on the hat since it has been lying on my bookshelf, literally collecting dust. I felt that it helped tie in my booties with the entire outfit since they’re both black.

I can also see myself wearing this outfit well into the fall. A pair of tights can hold me over for far longer in the California sun than in most other places. While the county fairs tend to shut down around the time the new school year starts, it looks like I still can bring the fair with me for a little while longer.

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