Asymmetry in Parallel Universes

Let’s go back to 2014 for a moment. It was a dark and stormy night, and by that point, just about everyone had a fashion blog. I was no exception to this statement. Back then, I spent most of those nights perusing through the endless rabbit hole of inspiration that was Tumblr. On this particular night, a Helmut Lang piece caught my eyes:

It was simple in function but Helmut Lang employed an on-brand twist with the way the two shoulder straps came off-kilter. The outcome resulted in asymmetrical facets that played up the decolletage in an edgy manner. Long story short, it was lust at first sight for me. But $90 was just too steep to drop on a bralette. And so I let it go, the way some people may let go of a long-distance relationship that had everything going for it but had no end in sight. Basically, I thought about it from time to time and never quite got over it.

Fast forward to present day. It was another dark and stormy night. Not so much in the sense of the weather. Weather wise, it was actually in the high 90’s. But it may as well be storming, as I’ve had the exact same ominous feeling sink into my bones for the past couple of weeks now.

News of yet another one of my friends getting let go from their job suddenly became the new norm. Coronavirus infections started ballooning up despite all the weeks of seemingly flattening the curve. There was endless worry for those who still had to go into work and interact face-to-face with a multitude of people everyday. On top of it all, noticing the lack of coverage on peaceful BLM protesters getting brutally attacked by the police force was alarming and maddening as hell.

When I wasn’t signing and sharing petitions and educating myself on institutional racism, I was spending hours perusing the web to distract myself from the aforementioned anxieties. I ended up on Poshmark several times, despite it easily being one of those dangerous cycles where you start off ‘just browsing’ to suddenly having five must-haves in your cart. Despite this, I did pretty well by emptying my cart each time and closing out of the browser until I caught my eye on this piece:

With inspiration borrowed from Helmut Lang at a fraction of the price, I immediately added it to my cart and checked out within seconds, feeling as though it were a sign from the past.

I know it’s a crime to not use pristine, un-blurry photos for your blog but honestly, this is probably how I’m going to look when I can attend an outdoor music festival again. The baggy, wide-legged pants make it easy to dance around in and will keep me warm when temperatures drop at night. The asymmetrical top juxtaposed with these pants appeal so much to me in the ways that they contrast each other by color and fit.

I can’t help but feel very Tumblr in this outfit, giving me 2014 nostalgia (good ol’ days!). Until this storm passes, I’ll throw on this outfit to remind me that better days will come again.

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