A Toast to Culottes

Culottes, culottes, culottes.

A sartorial staple that has been talked to death and back. A well-deserved accolade, as it’s one of those rare pieces that can be easily dressed up or down, without having to think too hard. This versatility is an especially handy arsenal during those foggy-headed mornings.

For me, a wardrobe essential is an article of clothing that has a low chance of pairing disastrously with most items in your closet, even if you were to pick out the rest of your outfit blindfolded.

Being able to save some time in the morning means being able to catch more zZz’s, which is a godsend for an insomniac like myself.

The culottes that I have on here have lived in my overflowing closet for the past six years and have made numerous appearances since the beginning. During the first year of owning these, I must have worn them on a near weekly basis. 

Recently when I pulled them on for the first time in years, I was brought back to the days of one of my first jobs. I would be working the sales floor, trying to commit obscure product details to memory while also muttering a tiresome mantra underneath my breath: “The customer is always right, the customer is always right…”

 (Newsflash: I HATE this adage; the customer most definitely is NOT always right).  

Anyways, back to the culottes — what I love about this pair is their structure: the thicker material is reminiscent of the banking uniforms my aunts wore back in the early ’90s. You know, the days when you didn’t need to worry about whether clothing would last through a second wash? Despite being produced by a fast fashion brand, these have held up exceptionally well over the years, despite little to no maintenance on my end.

I have also seen a variety of culottes made with a lighter fabric, giving us a summer version that can appear fluttery as the wearer takes on the world as their runway. I confess, I own several pairs of this version as well. Needless to say, my wide-legged pants have taken over my closet in the way that skinny jeans used to be my diehard staple.

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