Red Dress Summers

The last few weeks have been rolling in and out of the ’90s. I wish I could say I was talking about the decade (Doc Martens and plaid blazers anyone?), but what I really mean is… the weather. If I had to choose one or the other, I’d much rather deal with cold weather any day. Rising temperatures get me feeling irritable and restless real quick. I know I sound like a spoiled California baby because I am one haha.

Once it’s 85 and up, you’ll just about find me in a dress, clutching onto an iced matcha latte as if it were liquid gold. Red dresses to me have been synonymous with Lana del Rey, due to ‘Summertime Sadness’ getting overplayed in the summer of 2012. Every time I slip on this dress, my mind gets stuck on the chorus until I’m practically dancing in the pale moonlight myself.

The funny thing is, I actually did go out dancing in this dress last summer. I’m unsure if the moon was out that night, as I was inside a steamy little club for most of it. Earlier that week, I saw that Nurko was going to be playing in the city the coming weekend. However, that was the same day as my friend’s bachelorette, a day trip up north that entailed an itinerary full of wineries. Fearing that Nurko may not come back to the area for a while, I decided to buy a ticket for his show anyways.

I came back to the city late in the evening and rallied myself up with an energy drink, which was much needed after four flights of wine tastings in the July sun. Then I rallied up some friends to come with, crossing my fingers that his set was worth staying late in the city for. And it was! If you’re into IlleniumCrystal Skies, or melodic bass music in general, I’d recommend giving Nurko’s music a listen!

Isn’t it funny that when you wear clothing, you’re sometimes wearing a memory as well? Anyways, back to the dress. It may be odd to mention that I don’t usually gravitate towards ruffles as I think they tend to look better on more petite girls than on myself. However, I loved the playfulness that these ruffles invoked and felt that it was done just about right. They gave off a flirty flair, which elevated this dress up from being just a basic.

I tend to reserve this bright cherry red for outings during the warmer months spent running around wineries in the countryside, coastal drives with spontaneous pitstops to the beach, and late afternoons with too many spicy margaritas. However, this summer could not be more different than my previous summers, with no particular events that separate the blend of monotony since early March.

Despite not having the usual summer outings that I’d normally wear this dress to, it felt too sad to have it sit stale in my closet for the entire summer. I pulled it off the hanger last weekend and the moment I put it on, I was immediately overcome with the feeling of freedom and the pull of near-endless summer days. It quite literally pulled me out of the house to traverse the trails around me, something I don’t do too often. Turns out, I can still have my summer outings this year.

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