Hello, world! I’m dedicating my very first style post to… Womn!

Womn is a clothing line designed by Youtube darlings Weylie HoangSophia Chang, and Sophia’s sister Robin, the latter of whom has several years of fashion design experience under her belt. Unlike most fashion lines launched by Youtubers, I was actually excited to see Womn come to life because —

  1. The line focuses on slow fashion by only producing the number of clothes based on the number of pre-orders they receive. This is known as a ‘Series.
  2. The clothing is made locally in Los Angeles and is usually cut from natural fibers or recycled fabrics. Natural fibers usually have a smaller environmental impact compared to synthetic fibers.
  3. I’m a fan of the cofounders’ individual styles that are showcased on their own Instagrams. Much of it is in line with what I’m currently craving for my own wardrobe.

Because Womn is produced locally at ethically certified facilities, the price points lean towards the expensive end. To be honest, I usually don’t shell out nearly this much for clothing. However, because everything I’m wearing is ethically made and leaves behind a smaller carbon footprint, the price felt more than justified.

I do want to note that I am completely aware of being privileged enough to be able to make this choice and am in no way trying to shame others who cannot or have other financial priorities.

My first purchase from Womn were two of the Jess crop tops in white and gray because I loved the style of the thick straps and square neckline that much. They are made with a thicker material from deadstock fabric. The white color isn’t see-through at all, which gets a thumbs up from me.

I also purchased the Luna pants from their second drop. Let me just add that as someone with an annoyingly long torso, these pants are truly high-waisted and cinch me perfectly in the center. Also, standing in at around 5’8″, the length was perfect too, with the bottom of the pants almost touching the ground. Both of these details make me so excited to wear the Luna pants every single time.

I just want to commend everyone at Womn for getting the line up and running; I’m sure it was no small feat. I’m so happy to have these timeless pieces as staples in my wardrobe and am looking forward to what they’ll have in the future.

I’m wearing
Womn Jess Top | Womn Luna Pants

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